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Utility Incentives

The Basics of Demand Side Management Programs

  • Energy demands continue to rise against a relatively fixed capacity.
  • Energy conservation measures are used as a means by the utilities to offset demand increases.
  • Utilities offer incentive rebate programs to stimulate Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s).
  • Typical incentives cover 70% of the total project cost including installation.
  • Utilities offer incentive programs to stimulate Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s). As projects become more comprehensive, the opportunity for savings grows.
  • With incentives, the monthly savings on kwh are often greater than the monthly cost of the project. Most projects pay for themselves in under 2 years.
  • Projects are financed through the Utility at 0% interest over the course of 12, 18 or 24 months.
  • Utilities contract with Energy Source as an authorized project expeditor to evaluate and install turn-key energy projects.

Small Business Incentives

Utilities such as Eversource, National Grid, and UNITIL offer incentive through their Demand Side Management (DSM) programs. These programs are designed to reduce consumption in an effort to maximize the service they provide to their customers. Energy Source is a preferred vendor in five different territories throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut for these DSM programs.

Small Businesses under 300 kw in monthly demand are entitled to a free assessment. The incentives included in the Small Business Program will cover the entire energy savings process for up to 70% of the total project cost, including materials, labor, and recycling. Energy Source is here for your small business to handle the process from start to finish, from scheduling the assessment to post-installation inspections.



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