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Frequently asked Questions:

In recent years, building system technologies have improved dramatically. In some of our installations, loads have been reduced well over 60%. Much of our business is now driven by control strategies that turn lights on or dim them according to occupancy or schedules.
Motors and HVAC systems can be ramped up or down with the use of different types of sensors and control strategies. As a result of our solutions, energy use is not only reduced and used more efficiently – comfort systems, lighting systems and processes are greatly improved.
The longer businesses run their lights, the greater the opportunity exists for energy conservation. The incentives available for retrofits can reach up to 70% for an entire project.

Energy Source will provide a free audit of your facility to identify energy conservation opportunities. We will design a customized analysis that outlines the cost and benefits of various savings opportunities available to you. The cost of the energy conservation project depends on what program the business qualifies for. Before the assessment is done, it is important that we understand your business from the perspective of the utility to give you an idea of what rebate or incentive you can expect.
The cost of retrofitting existing systems allows for similar savings as a brand new system at a fraction of the cost. Less materials and labor is required, keeping costs low and the savings high.

Depending on existing systems, savings of up to 50% may be expected. Due to the incentives/rebates available, the savings often exceed the payment of the project over the course of 1 or 2 years when financed through the Utility.

It depends on the specifics related to your projects, but in most cases projects have paid for themselves within 1 – 3 years. Considering the high cost of electricity, the hours of operation and rebate/incentive availability, paybacks are typically very low. To learn about some of our past projects, please check out our case studies section.

Utility companies want to provide reliable service. As a result, they constantly look for ways to reduce the existing load to offset the increased demands. All ratepayers in non-municipal service territories (residential and commercial) pay into an energy conservation fund that is pooled for efficiency projects.

Energy Source personnel have been working on behalf of our clients to obtain rebates for over 20 years. Navigating the complex incentive approval process is one of our core competencies and we will capture all applicable incentives for the projects that we implement for you.

Energy Source works with you to ensure your operation has no disruption. We have extensive experience in retrofitting existing facilities so our process is pain free. Our project managers will work with you to ensure a seamless installation.
We work to ensure a minimal disruption to your business during the time of the assessment as well as the installation and post-inspection. Our installers are trained to work within any and all business environments and our turnkey programs are designed for us to handle every hassle along the way.

We do offer project financing. More and more of our customers are funding these projects through their operating budgets. It’s not uncommon to have the monthly electric savings exceed the monthly finance payment thus allowing you to recognize a positive cash flow immediately.
Through the utilities and/or third party financing partners that we work with, you may be eligible to participate in various financing programs ranging from 12-60 months.