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Corporate Profile: Energy Source

Corporate Profile: Energy Source

Michael Lemoi, CEO and founder of Energy Source, has a saying when it comes to energy efficiency: “There’s nothing cleaner than using less.” Conservation is the cleanest and cheapest form of energy and this is the core of Michael’s business.

Energy Source is an energy efficiency services company, founded and based in Rhode Island, which helps commercial, industrial, healthcare and government clients to save money on their energy bills. Michael Lemoi founded the company in 2003 while focused on installing high-efficiency boilers. Since then, Michael has expanded the company’s scope and grown the business. In 2015, Energy Source merged with another Massachusetts-based company, TNT Energy, and was acquired by Revolution Lighting Technologies.

Today, Energy Source has 53 employees located throughout Southern New England and New York, with 21 of those jobs based here in Rhode Island.

Energy Source has worked on multiple Rhode Island public sector projects including the Rhode Island Supreme Court, T.F. Green Airport, and several municipal buildings in the town of Johnston. These projects included energy efficiency upgrades, such as LED lighting combined with advance control systems, energy management systems, water heater replacements, insulation and more.

To date, Energy Source has saved clients more than 280 million kWh resulting in over $33 million in energy savings.