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Comprehensive Building Energy Audits

The foundation of any energy conservation project is the Energy Audit.

Energy Source has a team of energy conservation specialists who are trained to perform a walk-through of a facility in order to observe and examine the different components of lighting, controls, mechanical systems, etc.; to understand exactly how the systems in the facility are being utilized.

From this Energy Audit, our team at Energy Source can identify any potential for energy conservation opportunities. This information found during the Comprehensive Energy Audit will include estimates of cost savings on utility bills and utility incentives that you may be eligible to receive.

Start taking advantage of the program benefits:

  • Comprehensive Energy Audits
  • Lighting System Audits
  • Control Audits
  • HVAC Audits


If you are interested in receiving a no-cost, risk-free Energy Audit submit the form below and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.