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Case Study International Packaging

International Packaging Case Study:

Company Background

International Packaging is a global leader in the manufacture of custom jewelry boxes, displays and shopping bags. With a million square feet of warehouse and production facilities under their control.


Project Details

This project initially focused on efficiency in the plant’s mechanical components but during the early phases of planning, it became clear there may be even greater savings to be achieved on the lighting side. After conducting a facility wide lighting audit which confirmed the conservation opportunity, we drafted a plan to address this opportunity.

Energy Source’s team implemented the proposed solution, replacing inefficient fluorescent and metal halide systems with nearly 1,000 state of the art LED fixtures. The newly installed system not only offers dramatically improved lighting conditions on the work floor, but saves an astounding 300,000 + kilowatt hours of energy, amounting to savings of nearly $50,000 dollars per year.

Financial Summary

Total kWh Saved:


Total Dollar Saved:


Total Incentives:


Simple Payback:

1.9 years

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