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Case Study Dixie

Dixie Case Study:

Company Background

Born of necessity, Dixie® products began with a simple idea: prevent the spread of germs. At the time, people commonly used a community cup or dipper to drink water from public water barrels. Hence Hugh Moore and Lawrence Luellen constructed a simple yet revolutionary idea, the disposable cup, initially named the Health Kup. This new cup was truly a design for the ages.

Project Details

Dixie Consumer Products reached out to Energy Source to evaluate energy savings opportunities at their manufacturing plant in Leominster, MA.

As a result of the comprehensive analysis, Energy Source proposed to add Variable Frequency Drives to exhaust fans and motors. Programmable thermostats were also installed in various areas throughout the plant.

Energy Source also integrated several new points into the existing Tridium based EMS system. In addition to the VFD’s and controls that were installed, fluorescent lighting throughout the entire 150,000 ft/sq. facility was converted to LED lighting.

Financial Summary

Total kWh Saved:


Total Dollar Saved:

Utility Incentives:


Simple Payback:

2 years

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