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National Grid Seeks Rate Hike- How can Energy Source help?

National Grid Seeks Rate Hike- How can Energy Source help?

Attention Rhode Island Customers,

It was announced July 26, 2017, that National Grid will be participating in a rate hike becoming effective for usage on and after the billing period for October 1st. Most electric users in the state of Rhode Island will see a significant jump from 6.3 cents of kWh to 9.5 cents. Customers that are using on average 500 kWh/month might see an increase on their bill of $17.

That being said there is no better time than now to sign up to receive your complimentary energy audit from Energy Source. An energy audit will be conducted by one of our energy efficiency experts, that will allow us to determine exactly how your business may be able to save on energy consumption up to 30%. By doing so, your business may avoid the effects of the National Grid rate hike and an increase on your electricity bill.

When you schedule a complimentary energy audit- one of our energy efficiency experts will come into your business and provide a no-commitment proposal reflecting on your potential benefits and provide you with recommended upgrades. This includes upgrades to energy efficient LED lighting and lighting controls as well as upgrades to other electrical equipment including:

  • HVAC Efficiency
  • Motors
  • Roof Top Units
  • VFDs
  • Whole Building Energy Audits
  • Utility Incentive Qualification

Don’t miss the opportunity to see how you can save energy on your electricity bill!

Click Here to Schedule Your  Energy Assessment Today!