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Benefits of an LED Lighting Upgrade

Benefits of an LED Lighting Upgrade

The expanding interest in LED’s has dominated the lighting marketplace for many reasons, one being their popularity in the energy-efficiency arena by significantly cutting energy usage costs for residential and commercial businesses.

In your home or business, a lighting retrofit can be one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy usage. Our experience has recognized that providing improvements to inefficient lighting systems combined with advanced control systems can offer the biggest return on investment.

LED lighting has become the go-to light source and, here’s why you should consider LED lighting in your facility…

1. Energy-Efficiency

An installation of LED lighting can increase efficiency by 80-90% compared to traditional fluorescent lighting which operates only at 20% efficiency. Unlike fluorescent lighting which spreads light in all directions, LED’s illumination focuses on directing light as efficiently as possible.The result?  Cutting down on wasted light and energy.

2. Maintenance & Labor Savings

LED fixtures have a much longer operational lifetime and are built for durability. As a result, the LED lights do not burn out or break as quickly. Some LED’s have an expected lifespan of 60,000-100,000 hours compared to fluorescent fixtures which are found to depreciate much quicker and may only last 8,000-10,000 hours. With an extended operational life, maintenance and labor costs are reduced.

3. Eco-friendly & Safe

LED’s are made without any toxic chemicals vs. fluorescent lighting which is made from mercury and other heavy metals that can harm the environment. To improve safety, most LED’s are glass free making them easily recyclable and a good choice in education and healthcare settings.

4. Save Money & kWh

LED’s significantly uses less energy than fluorescent fixtures, while increasing lumen output and making a space brighter. An installation of LED lighting can provide a rapid payback with annual energy savings and reduced costs on utility bills. LED lighting typically provides energy savings of 50% or more.

5. Increased Light Output

An installation of LED lighting can contribute to uniformity in light levels throughout a facility. The LED’s enhanced lighting delivered overtime positively impacts the visual appearance of a facility by making a space look much ‘brighter and cleaner ‘.

Benefits of an LED Lighting Upgrade

6. Improve Workplace Productivity & Employee Well-being

Research shows that implementing brighter lighting, like LED’s, can provide health improvements and increased productivity.

7. Control Friendly

To further enhance energy efficiency, control systems compatible with LED fixtures may be implemented such as dimming and occupancy/daylight sensors. Energy savings can rise to 70% or more when the LED’s are paired with controls.

8. Hedge against Future Rate Hikes & Reduced Green House Emissions

Research shows that by implementing LED’s you are following the proper steps to reduce green house emissions, not only are you implementing an more efficient light, but you are using LESS.