LED Lighting and Network Controls Let You Dial In The Savings

Without question, the combination of LED lighting and network based controls offers businesses the greatest opportunity to maximize energy efficiency in their lighting.

In terms of energy conservation, traditional on/off lighting is a thing of the past. To reduce wasted energy and save on energy costs, the combination of dimmable LED fixtures and programmable software based controls enables businesses to control the levers of savings.

This advance in lighting hardware and software makes it possible, easy in fact, to adjust lighting levels to match the use and occupancy within a space. Consider a typical warehouse or large office environment for example. There is no sense in lighting 10,000 square feet of space with 100% power when the  majority of tasks are concentrated within in a few hundred square feet at any given time.

LED lighting gives you virtually unlimited control over light levels. Sophisticated occupancy sensors can increase light levels if a space is occupied and dim again when the occupants leave. This is invaluable when staff are picking orders  from various shelves throughout the warehouse, or moving in and out of offices and conference rooms.

Devices can also be programmed to reach specified levels throughout the day tied to shift schedules. For example, early morning programming can be set to provide sufficient light levels in egress and travel areas , full brightness in  targeted offices can be set to accommodate the early arrivers, brightening as more staff arrive, dimming as natural light increases through the morning and so on.

And there’s no need to have staff flipping switches in a control panel since these software based functions can all be automated and fine tuned through any network connected device.

The future of smart lighting is here and so are the savings opportunities that come with it.

Contact Energy Source to discuss a network based lighting solution that could be right for you.

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